The Complete Athlete specializes in fitness consulting and educational services for adding value to fitness establishments and programs. Helping fitness facilities reach each and every one of their members with health education and support by providing equitable services to all is our mission.

Educational Access

Continue Your Fitness & Nutrition Knowledge


The Complete Athlete provides a consistent supply of relevant, up-to-date fitness and nutrition informational articles, videos, infographics, and more to consistently educate and support gym's athletes and coaches. This online resource will be a powerful tool not only for gym members, but for gym trainers as well. The Complete Athlete’s website and curricula can act as a platform to provide further explanation and illustration to any member’s needs upon inquiry. These research-based pieces of information will help all members gain knowledge in a multitude of areas, such as:




  • Trainers Learn to Acquire & Transfer Knowledge in these Skill Areas:

    • Olympic Lifting

    • Powerlifting

    • Recovery & Mobility Practices

    • Functional Movements

    • Nutrition

  • Barbell Techniques

  • Recovery & Mobility Practices

  • Nutritional Complexities

  • Human Anatomy

  • Mindfulness Implementation

Resources for Gyms

Outfit Your Gym With Knowledge & Opportunity


The Complete Athlete is in the business to inform and educate. A part of continuing education for gyms is to provide as many opportunities to learn as possible. Each month, we send gyms a number of resources they can provide to their members in order to keep a well-informed community. This promotes a community-based gym for members, as well as a knowledgeable atmosphere everyone can learn from. Our resources provide gyms with:

  • Aesthetic, Informational Posters

  • Quick-Fact Newsletters

  • The Complete Athlete Fitness Journals

  • Community Challenges & Incentives

Specialty Clinics

Meeting Everyone's Needs With Passion


For athletes and trainers who want to train in more specific movements and understandings, The Complete Athlete offers specialty clinics at the gym’s own facility or our own facility. These clinics are beneficial to athletes in the gym who look for growth in their strength skills and technical movements. Our clinics promote a value to the use of correct technique when training, an understanding of one’s body when experiencing issues, and how to continue their health journey outside of the gym. Furthermore, trainers and coaches who attend our clinics will have the opportunity to refine their own understandings and skills in these areas in order to confidently transfer the knowledge to their athletes. Our clinics demonstrate and educate athletes in technical exercise movements and key health understandings, such as:

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  • Olympic Weightlifting Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Courses

  • Powerlifting Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Courses

  • Basic - Intermediate - Advanced Programing Courses

  • Training Athletes (for certified trainers & coaches only)

  • Functional Movement Courses: Utilizing Dumbbells & KettleBells

  • Nutrition - Weight Loss Clinics & Performance Nutrition Clinics

  • Mobility & Recovery