Water makes up 55-75% of your Weight. Yes, unfortunately, that means when you crash diet and lose a bunch of weight, it's primarily water.

Your blood is made up of 90% water.
A loss of 10% of your water weight could make you sick.
A loss of 20% means death.
You can only survive a few days without any consumption of water.

Less water in your body means thicker blood (chance for clots) and an overall decrease in health/function of your body.
As little as five 8oz glasses of water a day has been shown to reduce the risk for heart disease (leading cause of death in America).

Water helps your body regulate its internal temperature.
Lubricates joints.
Helps with digestion of food.
Aids in production of energy.

Profoundly helps with workout recovery and performance.

If you do not drink enough water, extra glucose (sugar) remains in your blood-stream. If this happens your body stores that glucose as fat. “You can actually get fatter when you do not consume adequate amounts of water.”

Calculate your need with this easy chart:
Your Body Weight (BW) x Need Factor.

Need Factors:
.5 – Sedentary, no sports or training
.6 – Jogger or light fitness training
.7 – Sports participation or moderate training 3x/wk
.8 – Moderate daily weight training or aerobic training
.9 – Heavy weight training daily
1.0 – Heavy weight training daily plus sports training (“2-a-days”)

Educated. Nourished. Active. Inspired.

*The above chart is Table 18.9 labeled “Recommended Water Intake” Page 488

*Contributing Reference:
Thank you Edition 8.6.6 of the “Fitness: The complete Guide: Official Text for ISSA’s Certified Fitness Trainer Course.” Written by Dr. Frederick C. Hatfield copywritten 2013.

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