The Coaches Collaboration Podcast, Episode 003


The Coaches Collaboration Podcast #3


By The Complete Athlete

with Josh Pearson and Cole Warren


Cole Warren contact

Instagram: @colewarren_shp


Josh Pearson contact

Instagram: @getcomplete


Rhomboid Muscle: are rhombus-shaped muscles associated with the scapula and are chiefly responsible for its retraction. They are innervated by the dorsal scapular nerve.

(2:27) Pre-Workout

Josh: Condense


(4:10) Pre-Workout

Cole: Gnosis Singularity

(6:30) How do you balance your job and still getting better at powerlifting?

(12:20) Meal prepping.

(12:57) When you get back into competition training again, will you change what you meal prep?

(16:20) Do you track calories, macros, your weight?

(19:09) You need to be aware that the stuff you do outside of the gym affects the gym.

(20:30) You’ll use less energy if you do it right.

(21:30) Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

Cole: With RPE, I still go into the gym with a number in mind.

(25:05) Videotaping

Josh: It is really important that you videotape it because what it looks like isn’t how it feels.

(26:00) Psyching yourself out of lifting heavy

(27:24) Amanda Lawrence at 2018 Nationals in Spokane, WA

  • Squat: 525#; unofficial American Record

    • Opener: 498#

    • Second Attempt: 525#

    • Final Attempt: 547#

  • Bench: 237#

    • Opener: 225#

    • Second Attempt: 237#

    • Final Attempt: 242.5#

  • Deadlift: 540#; unofficial American Record

    • Opener: 485#

    • Second Attempt: 518#

    • Final Attempt: 540#

  • Took second place; added 84# to total

(45:10) Off-Season Work for Amanda Lawrence

(51:00) Predictability in Your Lifts

(55:45) The Season of Sickness: To Train or Not To Train?

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