The Coaches Collaboration Podcast, Episode 004


The Coaches Collaboration Podcast #4


By The Complete Athlete

with Josh Pearson and Cole Warren


Cole Warren contact

Instagram: @colewarren_shp


Josh Pearson contact

Instagram: @getcomplete


(0:00) Taekwondo and Wrestling

(7:20) What are the greatest lessons you have learned from martial arts that have transferred into weightlifting, training, and coaching?

(8:30) Josh’s recent 4-week phase of the snatch.

  • 90%+ of your 1RM is where you will see changes happen.

  • Find the nuances in each lift to make it fun.

  • Refine each small nuance.

  • To get to the next level, you need to learn something new.

(11:00) General Phases, Strength Phases, and Peaking Phases

  • “Find Excitement In The Nuance”

(12:20) Crossfit

  • “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times” -Bruce Lee

(15:58) Exercising vs Training

(18:58) “In the gym, we are building strength, we are not testing strength”

(23:50) 2017 USAW Championship

(28:00) Is there an art to missing a lift?

(37:35) Use bumper plates when weightlifting training. Use metal plates when powerlifting training.

(39:00) Learning to use the “whip”; the oscillation of the bar

(42:40) The USAPL and the USPA

(47:30) Powerlifting Raw: shoes, belt, knee sleeves; NO wrist wraps

  • Powerlifting Equipped: shoes, belt, knee wraps

(53:18) Classic Raw

  • Raw with Wraps

  • Equipped Lifting (squat suit; single-ply and multi-ply levels)

(58:57) Lifting with a belt

  • As a beginner, you should start lifting raw

(1:03:05) As someone who is new to powerlifting, or layed off for a while, how often should they train?

  • Is this sustainable, or are you going to get hurt?

  • “A good coach explains first. A bad coach argues after.”

(1:30:45) Where should you begin when just starting weightlifting?

  • VERY IMPORTANT: There are stages to every movement!

  • “Glorify The Grind”

(1:37:05) Dark Days: Behind the scenes of lifting

(1:49:13) Landing Versus Catching Video:

(1:56:26) Clean and Jerk with Improper Form Video:

(1:59:03) Dancing Deadlift Video:

(2:03:00) Basic weightlifting weekly training routine

(2:04:53) Programming Bent-Over-Rows

  • One of the best movements you can do to improve your deadlifts

(2:13:35) The many types of coaches

  • When a trainer needs a trainer

The Complete Athlete (TCA)

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  • Relevant fitness and nutrition research and study notes provided

  • Videos on the latest research regarding

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  • Templates for workout programs and nutrition guides

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