What Makes An Athlete?

What Makes An Athlete?.png

What makes someone an athlete? As we continue to study and observe different level athletes, the more clear this can become. For now, here are our five characteristics of what makes an athlete:

  • Willingness to Progress: You don’t make excuses and are always open to ways that will make you better.

  • Personal Refinement: You understand that no one is perfect and focus on finding areas that need polishing up. Then, you execute.

  • Integrity: You don’t lie to yourself. Logging workouts that didn’t happen, reps that you skipped, or macros that were way off but you skewed anyway is not going to make you better, and you get that. You stay honest with yourself in order to get better.

  • Perseverance: No matter what obstacles stand in your way, you are able to overcome. Physical strength is one thing, but this is a mental game. Having mental fortitude can help you face adversities and keep working hard.

  • Coachable: You are able to take constructive criticism and apply it to your work. You don’t take feedback personally, and rather use it to learn, apply, and refine yourself. Be flexible and open to other techniques. That cue might be for you.

Do you hold these five characteristics? If you do, how do you stay motivated to achieve it all? If you don’t, what are you lacking?

Keep working hard, Athletes.