Makes and Misses

Hey Athletes, this one is lengthy, but might be what you need to hear.

As you know, the way to change your body is to change the stimulus you subject it to. More work done in a workout, per week, per year, means a more-lean physique (assuming your nutrition is good; check out our Intermediate Food Guide and Advanced Food Guide if you need help). So, one way to do more work is to do the same number of reps with a heavier weight.

When’s the last time you tried to pick up that 5# heavier dumbbell or that larger kettle bell? How did it go? Did you put it back because it didn’t feel right or was too heavy that day? Have you tried that weight again since? If not, you might be making a vital mistake. 

Two weeks ago, you may have seen my post about some of the lifts that I had done that weekend. I also showed videos of weights that I wasn’t successful at lifting. A 245# Snatch and a 315# Clean & Jerk. Two weeks later, yesterday, I tried them again. I even surpassed the snatch and went to 248#. I missed 250# twice. Can you imagine what I’m working toward next? Please don’t see a weight you aren’t lifting today as a loss. Look at it as a challenge. More of a, “What do I need to do to be able to lift that weight?” Maybe that’s practicing that exercise more, sleeping more, recovering and eating better.

Actually set up a plan to get closer to the results you say you want. 

Without Challenge, There Is No Change